Welcome to the North West Kent Bonsai Society!!

The society was formed in 2001 to promote the understanding and appreciation of Bonsai. It is a small and friendly group with a range of members from beginners to members who exhibit at RHS shows around the country. Our programme is a mixture of workshops, speakers and demonstrators with at least two speakers/ demonstrators from outside the club each year. Two social meetings, a summer barbeque and Christmas party are held each year where other halves are encouraged to come and meet the members. One day workshops are arranged where members can bring their trees and spend the whole day with expert advice on hand. The committee informs members when exhibitions and expos are taking place and also when traders are having new consignments of trees from Japan delivered. Janet, the chairperson, knows many people in the bonsai world both in the UK and Europe and can pass on contacts.


Fri 13th Jan No meeting
Fri 10th Feb No meeting
Fri 10th Mar AGM followed by repotting workshop
Fri 14th Apr Good Friday-No meeting
Fri 12th May Lee Verhorevoort Subject TBA
Fri 9th Jun Corin Tomlinson Subject TBA
Fri Jul 14th Malcolm Hughes Subject TBA:
Sat 11th Aug Club Dinner at Hilltop Hotel
Fri 8th Sep David Cheshire Subject TBA
Fri 13th Oct Accents and 'Non Bonsai'Bonsai's
Fri 10th Nov Lee Verhorevoort Suject TBA
Fri 8th Dec Christmas Party - Host: Janet